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You should purchase your SCUBA and snorkeling gear from your local dive center.  Your local dive center is your source for all SCUBA related services such as training, air fills, gear service and repair and just about everything else you need to be a diver.  Your local dive center depends on your purchases in order to offer some of the other services that you need that do not necessarily pay for themselves. Without a local dive center there is no local diving or training.  There are anumber of other good reasons to purchase from a local dive center:

  1. Your local dive center cares about you.  Diving is about relationships.  Local dive centers need their customers and their customers need them.  Having a good relationship with your local dive center may save you a lot of headaches and expense when you find out you need some last-minute help.

  2. Most local dive stores offer some form of a satisfaction guarantee or capability that most big box retailers or online stores can’t match.  For example, where else can you jump into a pool and try on four different masks to find out which one fits you the best?

  3. Your local dive store offers knowledge and expertise that is simply unavailable in any other location.  We use the gear we sell.  We know the features and the quirks.  We may even be able to customize gear for you to meet specific needs.  Your local dive store isn’t just a gear store, it’s a solution store.

  4. As many of the large Internet retailers are increasingly applying sales tax and shipping charges – and, no, your Amazon Prime account does not give you free shipping since you are paying close to $200 a year for that “free” service – prices at your local dive center are usually competitive or even better than what you will find online, especially when you apply student discounts and other promotions.

  5. When you purchase a piece of equipment from your local dive center you know you are purchasing from an authorized retailer and are receiving a full manufacturer’s warranty. Both your local dive center and the manufacturer will be there to help you if you have a problem. Unfortunately, there are many products available on the Internet being sold by unauthorized dealers.  Most manufacturers now require a sales receipt from an authorized dealer in order to activate and use your warranty.  Without that sales receipt there is nothing your local dive center can do to help you and that could cost you hundreds of dollars in service work or equipment replacement costs.

Help us help you. Purchase locally and support your local dive center so that we can stay in business and be here to support you in all your future diving adventures.